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Action On is a charity dedicated to helping people work with bailiffs to find a resolution.

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We’ve got loads of free, helpful advice on working with bailiffs in our ‘Bailiff Advice Guide’.

Unless the bailiff is trying to collect unpaid criminal fines, income tax or stamp duty they are not allowed to force entry into your home.

If you do open the door to a bailiff, they are not allowed to push past you to gain entry into your home.

They are also not allowed to enter your home if there are only vulnerable people or under 16 year-olds present.

When bailiffs act against you they charge fees. These fees are set by law but there may also be other charges that bailiffs add to your bill.

You are responsible for paying the bailiff's fees as well as paying their expenses.

If you have received a letter from a bailiff, call us and speak to an adviser today.

Bailiffs first have to value your belongings and agree that with you before presenting you with a list of the items they intend to take control of.

They are not allowed to remove protected or 'exempt' items or things that you use for your trade or work.

If you let the bailff into your home, however, they can remove items from it.

If you've received a notice from a bailiff explaining that they intend to visit your home, your creditor has already started the bailiff process.

It is not too late. The bailiff action can be stopped. Call us and speak to an adviser today to get help. You need to act quickly to prevent further bailiff action.

Bailiffs and enforcement companies are governed by strict rules. These include caps on the fees they are allowed to charge you and restrictions on how and when a bailiff is allowed to enter your home.

If you know a bailiff is on the way you can call us and we'll help you deal with the bailiff up front.

Action On is a Charity

We help people in the UK deal with bailiffs and associated debt problems. Our advice is totally, 100% free.

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